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Terry Fox Run

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Terry Fox Run Empty Terry Fox Run

Post by Relic on Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:08 am

Well I don't know where it's kept in England, but I know it's kept on a lake in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.
So does anyone runs it every year, and how long is the track ?
I run it from 2004 or 2003, not sure, it's around 8 and a half Km.
For dish, thats around 6 Miles I believe

Oh yeah, you can participate by running ( as me Very Happy ) or driving a bike, or anything, even just walking. It's not a competition it's for a good couse, to raise money with buying all sorts of canadian products and Terry Fox Tshirt for cancer research.

Terry Fox was a young man who was diagnosed with cancer when he was around 18 years, I believe. At the time, the only way to treat his condition was to amputate his right leg several inches above the knee.

Three years afterwards he started running Maraton of Hope. The initial goal of the run was to raise $1 million to be used for cancer research. Terry changed his goal from raising $1 million to raising $1 for each person in Canada at the time ($24 million).
After he covered around 5.3 k Km in around five months time he had to stop due to his bad health and the cancer was back. He died 7 months later, a month before his 23rd birthday on june 28th.

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Terry Fox Run Empty Re: Terry Fox Run

Post by Ip Lockard on Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:13 am

Relic wrote:For dish, thats around 6 Miles I believe

For us Brits as well, although the darn EU keeps trying to force us metric.
Ip Lockard
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