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West Midlanders Story

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West Midlanders Story Empty West Midlanders Story

Post by Taytaz on Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:23 pm

Once upon a time in rural japan, there lived a young boy called Peter who desperatley wanted a PCP hat for Christmas and he received the fabled hat until one day A big bad snowman came and took his wittle hat away! Luckily for him, however, he had a portable heater with him with which he used to destroy the big bad snowman. But the snowman turned into a big bad scary puddle which the little boy conveniently stepped around "RAR" Said the big bad scary puddle but the boy was already out of earshot. Little did the boy know...

That the puddle had regenrated into a polar bear! The polar bear sniffed the ground in an intimidating fashion, then spoke the words...
and he set of at a trundle at the little boy, he then stepped in reindeer poo and...Slipped over, giving the boy time to hide in bin which was full of rubbish and had a funny musky smell and the smell attracted a Rat, who offered to train the boy to fight the polar bear. The boy took up arms and grinned, as he was now part of the rodent army. However the Polar bear had a plan too And ran off to find the largest broom he could find...and used it crush all the rodent army, leaving the boy defencless...

I cbf to do more than 2 pages

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