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Post by MidniteXpress on Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:31 pm

Quite a few of you have mentioned that you are either studying, or wish to study, law. This is a subject I managed to avoid until uni, where we had to learn about copyright law. Years later (yes I realise I'm the "old" guy) I'm setting up 2 businesses with the core agenda of helping younger people get practical experience, something quite hard to come by.

What I'm proposing is to offer law students the chance to practice business law, copyright law, employment contracts etc with me and my companies. While legally I cannot use your services (since you are not licenced lawyers), it may be useful to you as a practical excercise with a real business.

Business 1) Record label. I act as a music producer for young bands. There is a lot of contract and copyright law attatched to this line of work.

Business 2) Radio station. Myself and my business partner are in the process of setting up a commercial internet radio station with future plans to broadcast within Scotland on digital radio. This involves general business law and employment contracts.

If you are interested, or undescided, talk it over with your Law tutors. You never know you could get extra credit for it...but don't quote me on it.


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Post by hammybear on Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:16 pm

lol i know 3 people, 1 finished and 2 current that studied law at uni and they all hated it.....

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